I did the complete rebranding of the Finnish 100% natural raw dog and cat food brand MUSH. The rebranding started with creating two different logos—one for dog food and other for cat food. The project included creating a wholesome brand image: logo(s), colors, typography, photography & illustration style, package design, website, in-store materials, product pictures, posters, brochures, advertisement and social media materials. 
Main focus was in communicating the species-specific raw food nutrition benefits for dogs and cats as well that MUSH is a Finnish company producing 100% natural dog and cat food and who's main interest is the well-being of the pets. With the bright and bold colors and fonts we wanted to strongly differentiate from the market and the other natural dog food producers with their traditional rustic visuals.
Project was realised while working in Genero Digital.
Copywriting: Eva Gädda.

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