These are the visuals for the Green Party's presidential candidate Pekka Haavisto in Finland's 2018 presidential election. The wider public knows Pekka Haavisto as an intellectual green party member and a pretty down-to-earth guy. With this campaign our aim was to communicate that Pekka is also a strong leader who is strikingly suitable to lead Finland to an even better future.
We picked the bold colors and the hard working Manifold sans serif font to support the message in all channels—website, social media, prints, buttons etc. All the graphic design elements followed the golden ratio. The campaign got a very good reception and the visuals were praised in the national television.
One of the main elements of the campaign was the lion emblem. Lion, which is also used in the Finnish coat of arms, is usually seen as an extremely nationalist symbol—here we attempted to remove that stigma from it and make the lion more approachable for a wider public.
Campaign Manager: Riikka Kämppi
Creative Director: Timo Kiuru
Photographer: Eeva Suutari

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